Get Your 2015 Hiring In Order – 5 Quick Tips to Get It Moving

2015 cubesJanuary, 2015, where plans are made and enacted for the coming year and where what you do now will have a solid impact on what happens later.

It is also the time to really plan what is going to happen with your staffing. What new projects will need to see increases? Can you see any staff looking to leave? Any changes that will see fluctuations in numbers? All of these need to be considered now to make sure you and your business are geared up and ready to face the year.

So what are the best tips to get these plans happening?

  1. Nail down your culture – Make sure you know exactly what makes your current employees get out of bed and come into work every day, what keeps them with you, what makes them happy, what engages them to the work they do and what you need to do to foster this. If you have no idea what your culture is, get it sorted now. You cannot hire without knowing exactly what makes your people great employees
  2. Get the basics in place – Do you know what is a killer job description? Know where to find the best candidates? Got your interviews structured nicely? Know the ins and outs of background checking? These are the basics that can mean the difference between success and failure.
  3. Start engagement now – this is something not a lot of businesses really understand. Employee engagement starts even before they are hired. Business leaders need to get out a bit more to attract the right people. Use social media, networking, whatever to create a sense of you as a leader being highly approachable and dedicated. Additionally, when you are starting the hiring process, think engagement from the first step. Present a clear picture of what your business is all about, get your other employees involved and get that message out where you can. If you create a great impression of your organisation before you go to hire, you may not even need to advertise the role as you be an attractive proposition for any potential candidates.
  4. Get to know who is about – recruiters call it ‘talent mapping’, but we’ll just call it good planning. Knowing who is in the marketplace, where potential candidates could come from and even initiating conversations prior to a role becoming live is a brilliant way to get the jump on the market. It will increase significant your ability to locate and secure great new employees and place you in a great position to lose as little time possible when filling your next live role.
  5. Profile the best candidate – this is the picture of who would be the perfect addition to your business. This picture isn’t the technical skills they have, but the behaviours, attributes, persona – the soft skills – the candidate will have to be a brilliant employee. Note who are your best workers, and those who show high levels of engagement and use them to create this picture. Put it together now so that when the time comes, it is an easy reference to base selections on.


Get the plan in place and actioned – OK, so we know we are going to increase staff numbers this year, we can see the little bits to make it happen, so now is the time to be putting the plan together.  You are at a great time of the year to put some serious thought into what you are going to do this year to hire with a high level of success. Take these points and give your hiring policy some purpose and structure to really propel it into 2015.

Have a great (hiring) year.



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