Rec-to-Recs…an account from the other side.

Since deciding to close my business, and transitioning from business owner to potential employee, I have found myself in the rather unique position of being unemployed. Whilst I am enjoying the little bit of ‘time off’ to recharge and reconnect with my family who I hadn’t really seen as a result of working 16hr days(!), it still hasn’t sedated my desire to get busy again. It is in this state that I call upon any help possible to gain new employment and get me back in the swing of things. I have done the usual – contacted people through my network, search social media and on-line job boards, and generally put it out there that I am in the market.

I have also registered with several Recruitment-to-Recruitment firms, or those who find recruiters for agencies. Interestingly, being on the other side of a recruitment interview desk has opened my eyes further to the many issues that I am fully aware exist in recruitment circles, as well as some that I was somewhat previously oblivious to.

To be perfectly honest, I was reluctant to register with these guys. I mean, I’m a recruiter right? I get other people jobs, so why not me? Yes, it would seem a likely view to take…but I acknowledge that I don’t know everything about what is happening across the industry, and a bit of inside knowledge and advocacy may be useful in returning to the agency world. What I was NOT prepared for was the diversity of opinions – the industry is going one way, then the other. Agencies are after high billers only, but no, they are after relationship builders. Though the most galling was this: your skills are in demand…no they’re not. Please! Here lies the first issue: Can we get one solid opinion, perhaps?!

Then there are the types of rec-to-recs, and I am sure this is replicated throughout the entire recruitment industry. Labeling them is easy because they seem to be clear in their intent.

Initially, and thankfully, there are the good ones, the ones that return calls / emails, seem genuinely interested in your skills and experience, and go for fit over any old role. They communicate, they involve, they instruct and they give feedback. I like these, and it is good to see this happening, because it plays for a better consultant in the agency world. Some may need a little prod, but overall they work hard, and as a ‘candidate’ it is comforting to receive this level of service.

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