Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #23

As you would a face-to-face interview, make sure you have some prepared questions to ask during the phone interview. Remember, these questions need not be too challenging, but can be centered around things like commitment and drive needed for the role.


Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #22

Phone interviews are a great way to identify potential candidates immediately without preparing a face-to-face interview. You can choose to call a candidate without notice, or call / send an email to arrange a good time for both parties. Whichever you prefer, don’t forget to realise this is the first communication with candidates..

Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #21

Once you have identified a certain number of suitable candidates that you want to investigate further – the ‘shortlist’ – you are now ready to start on the next phase of the hiring process. This phase will signal the first time you are in direct contact with the candidate. Preparation is key, because from now on it is not only the candidate who is on show, so are you.

Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #20

Research has concluded that most employers spend around 10 seconds viewing a resume. Primarily, this is to see the skills as they appear on the resume match those of the Position Description. If there is going to be a more qualified decision made, a little more than 10 seconds is needed. By acknowledging the tips so far, the number of resumes to view will be fewer, yet more suitable.

Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #19

Reading a resume can be a challenge for any manager / employer. The best bet is to ensure there is a clear chronology of employment and education and there is some indication of achievements attained in employment, which can identify a suitable fit outside of just skill fit. From there, a picture is created of the type of candidate coming across on paper is starting to appear.

Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #18

Have you received over 100 applications or more for your role and spent a considerable amount of time trudging through them to find a list of candidates to shortlist? Or even 50 applications? The way the ad is written will be the key to getting sufficient numbers of applications that you can easily qualify and identify stand-outs. Look at the copy of your ad and see what tweaks can make it attract the right candidates.

Daily 1 Minute Hiring Tip #17

Ever thought about establishing an internal referral system? That is having your current employees search out a candidate for your role to refer them to. Sometimes it is a very effective way of gaining some strong candidates that come recommended. However, the hiring process must be used from start to finish regardless of recommendation.