Punish the Recruitment Agency

Something that has really disappointed me recently is the curious actions of some sectors of the community who actively discriminate against recruitment agencies in pursuit of money.

I speak primarily of universities, whom I have approached to advertise a couple of roles geared towards graduates. Approached in good faith and with a live and current role to fill, I am otherwise told that simply because I am a recruiter, I am to be hit with a fee to post these roles. Other businesses advertising roles on career websites within these universities are not asked to pay these fees – only the recruiters.

Now, I am a small recruitment business – just myself really – and ANY fee I have to pay to list roles I have is a hit I can ill afford.

However, by virtue of the fact that I am a recruiter and ONLY a recruiter, I am to pay a fee for the privilege of posting a role.

This discrimination of recruiters is perplexing. If I headed a multi-national corporation, with revenues over $5b, I can post a role free of charge. However, as I am a recruiter, I must pay a nominal charge to post.

Why is this? Why are recruitment agencies made to pay whilst others are not? Quite frankly, I think it goes deeper, and identifies a clear disparity between what people PERCEIVE recruiters do versus what they ACTUALLY do.

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