Lazy Recruiting

It has taken a comment from a network connection to spur me into getting something off my chest that has been sitting there for a while. The comment centred on a new feature within the Seek job searching website, but also features as part of the service offerings of some recruitment agencies. Essentially it revolves around completion of an online profile which highlights skills and experience attained. The resume is disregarded for this profile and it is used as the central tool for deeming suitability to the role.

In other words, it is the latest in keyword matching.

Now, those who know me well, know that I think that keyword matching is a by-product of lazy recruiting. Lining up a resume (or profile in this case) and a job description and ticking off the common words is simply indolent.

I find it perplexing in this new paradigm of recruitment where businesses are demanding more quality from the recruitment industry and a more personalised, engaged approach, doesn’t translate to reciprocation from the recruitment industry. Relationships with clients AND candidates are vital in ensuring true recruitment consulting takes place. Effective matching based on deep understanding of the client, and the client’s requirements are to be matched by the in depth knowledge that must be attained about our candidates. Only then can a clear match be made and a net result of client / candidate satisfaction be maintained.

The very essence of keyword matching – or the profiling tools mentioned – is based solely upon skills matching. Skills are only half the equation when completing a job brief. There is no consideration in these methods for the most beneficial and appropriate consideration to be made when selecting candidates: matching for fit. How many times has the adage: “hire on skills, fire on fit” come in to play? How many clients lament they had to fire someone because of behaviours or attitudes? It is so common, yet recruiters are still content to keyword match on skills, and completely disregard any proper recruitment consulting to ensure team fit as well.

As I said, lazy recruitment at it’s worst.