Why Are Businesses Afraid to Engage?

Just a quick musing today. The way I see it, there is an almost inherent fear when it comes to businesses engaging their staff.

It is so easy to realise the power of an engaged workforce, yet why is so many businesses letting their staff down by not encouraging it? Turnarounds in productivity, improved customer support, new customers and increasing revenues are all results of an engagement. Studies from, well, everywhere prove this, but it is taking a while for this to seep into the minds of business leaders.

The fundamental thing to realise is that it is a simple adjustment to change engagement levels. There is no incredible enterprise-wide change required, not loss of revenue while things get established, no expensive training courses or pointless politicking required. It is simple behavioural changes that will address key leadership and individual issues and indeed even adjustments in the way roles are carried out, but above all, it is a mindset to want to change, to believe in the ability of the people in the company and to play to their strengths, their ideals and their wants.

Maybe it is this concept of ‘change’ that scares a lot of people? A preference to maintain the status quo, no matter how non-beneficial it is, or perhaps a complete breakdown of understanding that people within a business are the greatest asset, yet they are individuals that cannot be tarred with the same one-size-fits-all brush. There is a need to individualise engagement strategies, and perhaps there is a simple fallacious idea that ‘it is all too hard’ that inhibits businesses being able to see the untold benefits of an engaged workforce…